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Zhejiang MINDAL Industrial Co., Ltd


In the wake of 2003 aluminum alloy wheel project , Zhejing MINDAL Industrial Co., Ltd. started its production in 2016. Its main products include truck wheel, car wheel, motorbike wheel, and wheel blank. With 10 rotary forging production lines, 10 heat treatment production lines and other automatic production lines, the company can produce more than 15 million wheels.

Zhejiang MINDAL New Materials Co., Ltd.


Zhejiang MINDAL New Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as GKO) is a manufacturer specialized in processing aluminum alloy products including brushed, coated, wooden, mirror, and anodizing aluminum, aluminum alloy suitcase, and auto thermal shield. GKO owns mutiple intelligent and automatic production lines and equipments for making anodizied, coated, brushed, wooden and mirror aluminum products with its annual output reaching more than 50, 000 metric tons. GKO has established a complete oversea marketing network, covering Europe, Japan, the South Korea, Mexico, North American, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia and the number of our customers still keep increasing.


Ningxia Jinning MINDAL Aluminum Co., Ltd.


Ningxia Jinning MINDAL Aluminum Co., Ltd., founded in 2011 in Zhongning County in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, covers an area of 625,000 m²(938 mu). It has launched 400, 000 metric tons aluminum project, which connected western production base with eastern domestic and oversea markets. Headway has been made in cost cutting , quality improvement, energy saving and emission reduction, through direct adoption of aluminum liquid and production process of hot rolling,high-speed cold rolling and finishing. Jinning GKO mainly produces aluminium coil, aluminum sheet, aluminum plate, tread plates and sheets for aluminum circle.


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