From 2002 to 2020, domestic scrap aluminum recycling shows a rapid upward trend


Recently, aluminum prices have risen frequently, and Shanghai Aluminum has once again set a new high since 2008. With the steady growth of the recycled aluminum industry, recycled aluminum raw materials are showing tension. According to a person in charge of a recycled aluminum processing enterprise, the procurement department is now fully fired and still cannot meet production needs.

The main reasons: First, the recycling system of renewable resources is not perfect; second, a large amount of aluminum scrap comes from individuals or small scrap purchase stations, and the small scale of scrap aluminum suppliers restricts the supply of raw materials; third, environmental protection, lack of relevant qualification certificates It is difficult for companies to enter the industry.

During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the recycled aluminum recycling system will be further improved, and the recycling efficiency and intensification of scrap aluminum will increase significantly. The secondary aluminum industry will be reshuffled under the dual effects of policy regulations and market competition, from the current small and scattered, to a leading enterprise to drive the transformation of the backbone enterprise model, and to an inland area with transportation advantages and a coastal area with advantages in shipping. Gather further.

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