Application of industrial aluminum profiles in smart factories


With the development of technological modernization and artificial intelligence, the application range of industrial aluminum profiles is becoming wider and wider, such as automobile manufacturing, rail transit, aerospace, electronics and robotics, etc., which have penetrated almost all industries. Go, let’s talk about the application of industrial aluminum profiles in smart factories today.

In a smart factory, compared to manual operations, robots appear to be more stable. If the same action is repeated continuously, the human arm must rest for a while, otherwise it will affect the progress, but the robot can work for a long time , And it is faster than both hands, and the probability of defective products is lower. As long as the program is set up, it can work for a long time, so the robot is more suitable for more detailed and complicated work with high repetitiveness, such as automobile welding and assembly workshops, Parts assembly line, automated production line, etc.

In the automobile production workshop, we will see a lot of industrial aluminum profile fences or protective covers. These fences and protective covers are made of industrial aluminum profiles for the purpose of dividing safe areas. Fences are usually divided into mesh fences and plexiglass panels. The protective cover consists of many materials, including aluminum, wood, stainless steel, or plexiglass panels, etc., depending on different needs. Welding workshops need to use robots to work, because welding not only needs to face high temperature, glare, and dust and other harmful substances. Welding can be done with welding robots, and a protective cover is added to the outside to prevent High-temperature metal particles splash into people's eyes or body, causing physical injury to people.

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